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Investment philosophy
Investment process

Finance in Motion works with its investors to develop sound policies and procedures. As part of the constitutive documents of the Funds these are then reviewed by the relevant regulatory authority during the registration process. Once developed, Finance in Motion strictly adheres to these policies.

Prior to entering into an investment, our locally-based staff ensures that the potential investee meets the minimum standards of eligibility. We investigate the compatibility of the investee both in terms of development impact and from a financial strength perspective. Furthermore, environmental, social and corporate governance issues as well as client protection practices form an integral part in the investment screening, due diligence, audits, monitoring and reporting.

For every proposed investment, we conduct basic off-site evaluations and make an on-site due diligence visit. After the investment preparation phase, terms and conditions of investments are defined, including duration, currency, type of interest, repayment schedules, covenants, and complementary technical assistance or training programs are set up, where appropriate.

Once complete, investment proposals are vetted internally and with our fund management partners. Investment decisions are generally made by an investment committee, which is set up by the investors to vet and approve new investments. Once approved, legal contracts based on standard sets are finalized with the investee, and once conditions precedent are fulfilled, the fund custodian is instructed to release the moneys. We regularly monitor and assess the risk profile of our investees and track the use of funds for the target group. The funds' investors are regularly updated with financial reports and other qualitative information, such as quarterly development fact sheets and annual impact studies. All funds are audited annually by internationally renowned audit firms.

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