What Makes Us Special?

We firmly believe that it is possible to connect different sources of capital available in mature financial markets to those who need capital in undersupplied markets in order to create development impact. Our purpose is to enable our investors to affect outcomes of a social, environmental or equal opportunity nature.

We invest in long-lasting relationships. Over time, we grow with our partner institutions and stakeholders, contributing to the successful implementation of their business strategies.

We take a holistic view to making impact investments by combining investments with technical assistance and research activities, as many social and environmental challenges cannot be solved by monetary means alone. This approach is the best guarantee for ensuring informed and effective investment strategies, as well as mitigating potential risks. We manage technical assistance facilities that avail themselves of external consultants for each of our funds. We also have an in-house technical team dedicated to green finance. In addition, we are engaged in actively researching the development finance field in order to identify and track new trends, as well as explore new fields of interest.

We firmly believe that operating in close physical proximity to our investees is key to success. Deep insights into the social and environmental challenges that we seek to address, first-hand information on the markets in which we operate, and day-to-day contact with current or potential investees are all essential for generating successful impact investments. We achieve this by working through a dense network of local offices in all our target regions.

We understand that the success of impact investments depends not only on deep and broad knowledge of the environment, but also on favorable conditions on the ground and a robust sectorial framework. In many countries social and environ mental challenges can only be properly addressed when investments are combined with the development of proper financial systems. Where possible, we engage sectoral institutions to solve local issues, as well as create and foster an inclusive financial sector environment that adheres to the principles of responsible finance. We also believe in healthy competition and the need to ensure a level playing field within the local financial sector. We therefore work not only with partners that are already best in class, but also with organizations and institutions that have the potential to become the cream of the crop.

We emphasize accountability, which means ensuring that our impact investments deliver tangible results. For this reason, we implement strict and continuous controls concerning the use of funds to make sure that financial resources are effectively allocated in alignment with the proposed intention. We follow through by regularly measuring development performance; the funds that we advise on also commission independent research firms to conduct impact studies.

We offer the full range of fund advisory services because we believe this is the best guarantee for efficiently and swiftly achieving the objectives of our clients. This includes fund development and structuring issues, but also day-to-day fund operations, including investment and risk advisory, asset liability management (ALM), and transaction management. For the same reason, we manage the technical assistance facilities attached to our funds.

Our investment funds enter areas of the investment universe in which the particular needs of the investees are not yet fulfilled due to market failures in developing or emerging markets.

In order to fulfill these needs while leveraging public funding for development purposes, Finance in Motion has become a leader in structuring impact investment funds in multilayered public-private partnership (PPP) models where public monies serve as a risk cushion for private impact investors.

This leads to a multi-tiered structure of different capital layers, reflecting the specific needs of each class of investors in terms of impact, risk, and return.