11 November 2015

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A company full of energy

Burcu Karpuz
Burcu Karpuz

"My first day at Finance in Motion was a start into a completely new world", remembers Burcu Karpuz, Head of the Istanbul office in Finance in Motion. "After spending 15 years with different Turkish financial institutions during my career, the energy and dynamic of my new colleagues really overwhelmed me."

This was now almost two years ago. Burcu’s first task at Finance in Motion was to set up the new Istanbul representative office of the company from scratch: After submitting of the legal documentation for the new office to the authorities, she started to search for office space and to hire additional team members. Meanwhile three colleagues joined her team.

After kicking off the Turkish office of Finance in Motion as a one-woman show Burcu moved over to the Frankfurt Head office for four months to better understand Finance in Motion, its business and corporate culture. "These months where especially thrilling for me," she remembers. "I learned a lot from my colleagues and still continue to do so."

What she likes best about working at Finance in Motion is the friendly working environment, the flexibility and the quick decision making processes. "I also love the close cooperation with the other colleagues from the other regional offices as well as from the head office - albeit being spread all over the world and stemming from so many different cultures. It’s just amazing."

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