26 April 2016

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A Continuing Journey of Discovery

'Even after eight years at Finance in Motion, I still experience something new and exciting every day,' says Diego Stapff

A discussion about future prospects with a former classmate over drinks in Frankfurt back in 2007 altered the course of Diego Stapff’s career. He was considering pursuing a doctoral thesis at the research institute where he worked, a thought that moved to the back of his mind as he caught up with his friend. His classmate’s stories about his job presented Diego with an alternative: The friend worked at the company that would become Finance in Motion. Diego signed on shortly after, and eight years later, the 35-year-old Uruguayan says, “I still experience something new and exciting every day.” 

After studying economics in his home country, Diego came to Germany in 2004 and entered a postgrad program in international and development economics in Berlin. There he met Marco Kaiser, the friend who three years later would talk him into the internship, something Marco had begun a mere six months before. Diego explains his journey: “At the beginning, there were 12 of us, and we had to do everything, but I was immediately amazed by the commitment of my new colleagues, some of whom had switched from successful careers in the traditional finance sector for an opportunity to contribute to society and development.”

The can-do attitude from the beginning lives on at the company. “We have been able to keep this startup feeling to this day despite growing in size and complexity. The company also offered the chance to learn more about impact investing as whole,” Diego explains. “Each year, I was able to do something different.” He started building a pricing model during his internship and then worked on creating a transaction management system. 

Since then he has been focusing on solutions to further improve the architecture of the company’s funds. “Promoting investments in local currencies is an essential means for contributing to sustainable development,” Diego says. “Finding solutions to pursue this goal while shielding our funds from the risks attached is one of my biggest passions at work.” This passion has helped Diego to recently become the newest team leader in the Strategy and Planning department.

In 2015, his experience at the company helped him play a key role in the launch of the eco.business Fund. The fund, which supports the sustainable use of natural resources, is active in his home region.