20 January 2016

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Matteo Snidero
Matteo Snidero

"I think there is no other company that would allow me to play so many roles the way I do here at Finance in Motion", notes Matteo Snidero. It says "Head of IT" on his business cards, but often enough his role doubles as international information and communications technology consultant for financial institutions. While he and his Frankfurt team are ensuring the IT systems of Finance in Motion are working smoothly, the Kenya team of software engineers is meeting the special requirements of Finance in Motion when it comes to business tools. "Finance in Motion operates in a market niche, its business processes are unique and so have to be its software tools. We soon noticed that we cannot use any of the solutions available off the shelf, but needed to design our own systems for reporting and monitoring our mandates." What started with one colleague in the Head Office is now a team of seven in Nairobi. When it comes to consultancy services Matteo can capitalize on his strong professional network developed in his years as consultant. Currently concentrating on Finance in Motion’s target countries he is eager to look further into new destinations. "The demand of consultancy services in the financial sector of developing markets is high, and this demand is not matched by an equal number of professionals that can combine both the technology and the development finance competencies" believes Matteo. "But going to the field to provide support to an MFI upgrading its IT systems or looking into mobile banking to extend its outreach, connects me to the grass-root of the business and I need to give full credit to Finance in Motion that gives me the opportunity to pursue these ventures despite not having immediate upsides on its core business."

After starting his career in the classic IT business he decided to give it a turn and left for a two year voluntary placement as an IT trainer to secondary school teachers in Nepal. "This is what gave me credentials to steer my career into international development. This was ideal: the creativity, accountability and efficiency of IT business combined with the motivational upsides of a career in development." After returning from Nepal, his attention turned to Africa where he helped setting up and managing the IT of various SME banks of a German development finance holding in Mozambique, Angola, Congo and Ghana. During these days he also met Sylvia Wisniwski for the first time, who later on convinced him to come to Frankfurt and to take over the IT responsibilities of the team that later became Finance in Motion.

"Finance in Motion is a great working place for someone who is interested in innovation and technology" concludes Matteo. "We are lean and fast to act, we have the best technologies and sensible and unburdening processes. And the opportunity to work in such an international and exciting environment is simply priceless."

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