03 February 2006

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EFSE DFC – New perspectives in unusual places

Oeschinensee, Switzerland
Oeschinensee, Switzerland

The members of the EFSE Development Facility Committee gained a fresh perspective on the occasion of a meeting in Switzerland recently. At the invitation of member Hans Ramm of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), the Committee took advantage of the meeting to develop a fresh perspective by holding it in the Swiss Alps.

Taking short hikes and swimming in mountain lakes during breaks helped to keep heads clear, allowing an additional step forward in the creativity relating to ongoing individual technical assistance projects and the latest studies.

The EFSE DF Committee is made up of representatives from the various EFSE DF donors. Its tasks include not only EFSE DF strategy development but also evaluation and approval of ongoing projects.

"The different setting definitely gave us a boost," remarked Sylvia Wisniwski after the meeting. "But we were confronted with other challenges as well, such as protecting our documents from the wind and from the curiosity of the four-legged alpine residents."