19 July 2016

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Empowering Armenians with Financial Knowledge

One of the organizations Finance in Motion advises, the Development Facility of the European Fund for Southeast Europe (EFSE DF), recently joined with the Central Bank of Armenia to host 45 members of the country’s financial community for a workshop on the most recent advancements in the flourishing sector of financial technology (fintech). 

“The Role of Fintech: Challenges and Opportunities for the Banking Sector” offered sessions on how the increasing use of technology in financial services has impacted and could change the Armenian financial industry, how customer demands are altering banking, and how developments like blockchain can add value. The workshop built on numerous previous projects focusing on digital financial services and was the EFSE DF’s first to specifically cover the topic of fintech, an area rapidly gaining importance in financial services. 

The sponsors held the workshop in the Armenian capital of Yerevan, and it was the third in a series of educational events that are part of a long-term cooperation between the central bank and the EFSE DF, which said it hopes to create similar training events with partners in other countries.

EFSE DF Committee Chairman Markus Aschendorf said: “This workshop represents a prime example of how EFSE’S technical assistance activities promote the development of the financial environment in the markets we serve. The lessons we have learned will help us improve and tailor our fintech training for more markets and fund partner institutions as we work to create responsible development of financial sectors.”