06 April 2016

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Entrepreneurship in Practice

Time for a celebration.

It takes courage to start something new, especially when you face opposition from your own family, but Tijana did just that. She stuck to her guns and let her entrepreneurial spirit guide her. Living in Podgorica, the capital city of Montenegro, she lost her job in 2009. Faced with unemployment, she decided to convert her house into a kindergarten and a playground for children. After five years, she approached MFI Alter Modus for a loan.

Tijana says the loan helped her grow rapidly as she could invest the money into the business. “I saw there was a lack of competition in the area, and with the amount of people in our city, I realized that my business idea could work.” She adapted parts of her house for this purpose and had to start from scratch. “It was tough. I had to educate people about my business, and I had to find the customers, raise awareness and market my business to get more clients. Even though I did not have the support of my family, I started out by offering the premises for children’s birthday parties.”

“With the help of MFI Alter Modus, I have managed to hire a teacher on a full time basis, apart from myself, and if the need arises, I can engage the services of three waiters and two additional teachers,” Tijana explains. “Now, I have used the loan money to renovate and expand the premises, I have a larger capacity to hold birthday parties and can hold up to four daily.” She says she plans to renovate the garden and open new premises for children of older ages, and she appreciates how MFI Alter Modus has made this happen. She is proud of the high quality of service she provides with the help of her family, who have now support her business endeavors.