17 December 2015

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Experiencing the impact of your work is the best driver

Amra Omeragić
Amra Omeragić

"Working for FIM is a rewarding combination of seeing the impact of development finance in my own country, and learning from due diligences and inspiring teams in other countries that I get to visit," points out Amra Omeragić, Senior Investment Officer in the Sarajevo office of Finance in Motion. "This year I was lucky to join due diligences in Georgia, Azerbaijan and Jordan, and discovered the beautiful Tbilisi old town, enjoyed the tradition of Azeri hospitality, and – not to forget – he tasty middle-eastern mint lemonade in Jordan. I haven’t visited all of Finance in Motion’s target countries, but I have it on my list!" smiles Amra.

It has now been seven years since Amra started to work for the predecessor of Finance in Motion as an investment analyst. Amra was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but moved to Australia in in the 90s where she completed her high school education and received her Bachelor of Commerce degree. During her visit to the post-war Sarajevo in 2001 she decided to stay.

Amra concludes that seeing the impact of your work is the main source of satisfaction and the best driver. "Working in development finance and living in Sarajevo is fulfilling because you get to see the development impact of your work right where you live," says Amra. "I was very pleased to find out that my wonderful hairdresser is our indirect borrower. She told me her story, and explained how she managed to turn her life around with the help of microfinance. Such stories are always nice to see."

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