06 July 2017

External Press Release - Protix Receives EUR 45 Million in Funding to Scale Production of Insect Proteins

Finance in Motion invests in insect protein production company 

Finance in Motion has finalized a direct impact investment in Protix via a syndicate investment by Aqua Spark, another FiM investment, in the context of a EUR 45 million funding round. 

Protix is a global leader in insect protein production for animal food. It breeds, rears, and processes insects with a high protein content, and sells them to the animal feed industry. With a growing population and a resulting higher demand for fish, meat, and dairy, these insects offer an alternative food source for livestock with a low environmental impact. 

For more information please see http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/protix-receives-45m-in-funding-to-scale-production-of-insect-proteins-628130963.html