11 April 2017

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Growth Drives Finance in Motion Relocation

A big part of life is growing out of things – clothes, certain foods, types of music, trendy haircuts, and, occasionally, buildings.

At least that’s what happened to Finance in Motion, one of the world’s leading impact asset managers. For five short years, the company worked out of its headquarters on the south bank of the Main River in the heart of Frankfurt, Germany’s financial capital. During that time, the growth of the company portfolio was consistent and often rapid, a trend reflected in hiring, especially over the past few years. From the beginning of 2015 to early 2017, the number of employees based in Frankfurt jumped almost 50% from 80 to nearly 120, and the additional staff were filling the company offices to near capacity. Management had little choice: More spacious confines were required.

After painstakingly examining a number of available sites in the greater Frankfurt area, the best solution also proved to be the closest: The company found four vacant floors just a few hundred meters to the west and overlooking the river. So, at the beginning of 2017, Finance in Motion moved to its new premises, which has provided the company with 50% more office space.

The increased spread at headquarters mirrored rapid expansion in the regions served by the funds under company management. Since settling into its last building in 2012, Finance in Motion has established permanent operations in Ukraine, Armenia, and Colombia, the El Salvador office opened early this year, and the company is currently finalizing plans for an office in Morocco, which would be its 17th.

“Growth within the company has been almost omnipresent,” says Sylvia Wisniwski, a managing director at Finance in Motion. “Our staff numbers, our investor commitments, the number of markets covered by our funds, our assets under management – all have surged over the past few years due to rising demand for impact investing opportunities.”

The site features ample room for even more growth, and the seventh floor lounge offers a spectacular panoramic view of the Frankfurt skyline and the river, making it a top destination for meals and meetings. Finance in Motion occupies the lion’s share of the building and is spread over 3,600 square meters (39,000 square feet), leaving the company plenty of room for the next rounds of growth.

Our new address:

Finance in Motion

Carl-von-Noorden-Platz 5

60596 Frankfurt/Main