16 August 2018

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Helping new businesses help others

Finance in Motion supports Enactus, an organization dedicated to helping student entrepreneurs launch social and environmental innovations

On June 25, 2018, Finance in Motion Managing Director Florian Meister gathered together with around 700 students in the stunning historic town hall of Wuppertal, Germany. 

Everyone was excited for the final round of the Enactus Germany National Cup – including Florian, who would be serving as one of the expert judges for this showcase of Germany’s most promising student entrepreneurs. 

The contenders, 28 university teams from all over the country with social and environmental business ideas, were also joined by coaches and audience members eager to discover how the next generation of industry leaders envisions a sustainable, socially responsible future.

Enactus is a global NGO helping thousands of students implement innovations that can change lives for the better. Its name comes from the organization’s mission: “Entrepreneurial action that benefits all of us.” So far, Enactus has engaged 72,000 students from 1,730 campuses around the world who are committed to solving community and environmental challenges. The most outstanding of these ideas are showcased each year in the “Enactus World Cup” – a global championship that honors and supports each country’s most propitious young social and environmental entrepreneurs. 

Of course, this kind of engagement speaks right to the heart of Finance in Motion’s mission: to inextricably link business success with Sustainable Development Goals. That is why Florian was proud not only to help promote these initiatives as a judge, but for Finance in Motion to join the ranks of prestigious Enactus sponsors in Germany in 2018. 

The pitches were excellent. Ideas ranged from clothing designed for wheelchair occupants, to an easy app for donating bottle deposits, to increasing access to women’s hygienic products by producing these items with renewable resources.  

Most of all, though, Florian was impressed by the passion of the teams for their various topics. It was not easy for him and the other judges to select the best of such an outstanding array. 

But finally, a winner was identified. The team from the University of Regensburg took first place with two projects: The first, “Thriving Green,” addresses food shortages by supporting Kenyan farmers who raise spirulina, a protein-rich type of algae. The other, “Hydro Solution,” is an invention to cheaply and efficiently install long-lasting water filters to supply communities with clean drinking water. 

This team will go on to represent Germany at the Enactus World Cup for a further event full of collaboration, competition, and the celebration of students dedicated to making a difference. 

“It was an extraordinary event,” says Florian of the Enactus Germany National Cup. “Congratulations to the team from the University of Regensburg – and to all of these innovative young people who will take social responsibility and sustainability forward to make the best possible future for themselves and generations after.”