22 October 2015

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Making a change – Contributing to a positive impact

Uwe Schober
Uwe Schober

"At the end of the day, it is the people and their stories that interest me," is how Uwe Schober explains his inner motivation. He was attracted by the intellectual challenge of the profession during his many years in investment banking, "but something was missing."

And that’s how he first turned to humanitarian documentary photography before Finance in Motion gave him the chance to combine his financial skills with his humanitarian interests. He traveled to Georgia during the Russo-Georgian War in 2008 to document the fate of the people and, through an exhibition in Berlin, to create awareness in the EU of the situation in the Caucasus. Exhibitions on the life of the homeless in Frankfurt and child soldiers in Uganda were soon to follow. "But photography only allows me to change people’s lives in an indirect way. The impact on people’s lives through my work in Finance in Motion is much more direct and consequently greater," is his explanation for moving back into the finance world.

Uwe is convinced that the newly-founded microfinance institution with equity capital participation by the Finance in Motion-managed SANAD equity sub-fund will bring positive change to the lives of local people. "Our partner institutions are not anonymous companies. We are dealing with people here. Our equity participation allows us to exert much more of a positive influence on the business orientation of this newly-founded institution. I am putting my abilities and knowledge to work to achieve just this kind of positive impact." 

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