20 November 2018

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Mobilizing capital for movers and shakers

Finance in Motion speaks at SOCAP18

Sylvia Wisniwski knows about social entrepreneurs. After all, she is a seasoned entrepreneur herself: Before she co-founded Finance in Motion back in 2009, she had already been instrumental in establishing groundbreaking development finance vehicles that pioneered new ways to blend public and private capital for positive impact.

So when the Managing Director was preparing to speak at SOCAP18 from October 23-26, she was looking forward to four days of exchange with likeminded innovators. That is because “SOCAP” stands for Social Capital Markets – a network whose major annual conference in San Francisco convenes thousands of impact investors, entrepreneurs, and social impact leaders from all over the world to discuss new ways to apply market-based solutions toward the greater good. 

This year, Finance in Motion held a busy booth and several speaker slots. At the Finance in Motion-organized session on “Blending Finance to Plant Green Solutions in Emerging Markets,” Sylvia led a discussion among representatives of the Rockefeller Foundation, the Climate Policy Initiative, ImpactAssets, and the Center for Global Development on how blended finance structures can drive green investments. Even at the early hour of 8:30 a.m., participants were actively engaged in discussing the challenges and success cases for achieving maximum impact in emerging markets. 

Sylvia also spoke at a lunch reception on “Redesigning the Seafood System,” where Stephanie Rakels from Aqua-Spark – a sustainable aquaculture company in which Finance in Motion has a direct investment – introduced Aqua-Spark’s approach to ensuring a more sustainable food chain to potential investors and other interested parties. 

And finally, Sylvia contributed her expertise to a panel on “Investing in Climate Smart Agriculture,” organized by forestry management company Unique – Finance in Motion’s partner in launching the new Arbaro Fund

“It was an energizing experience,” Sylvia says of the conference. “There is a great entrepreneurial spirit at SOCAP. This sort of exchange of ideas and experiences – on innovations, on opportunities and resources, on course calibration – with others in the impact investment community is essential to keeping abreast of developments in the complex, ever-changing challenges facing society and the environment.”