Flow of Funds

Depending on the final target group of each fund’s development mission, the funds often do not invest directly in the beneficiaries, but instead channel their funding via local financial intermediaries that on-lend the funding to the final target group according to a set of parameters.

In order to maximize its impact, Finance in Motion does not invest in traded securities, but rather originates all assets through its own investment teams. Finance in Motion is involved in a wide variety of financial instruments:

  • Medium and long-term senior loans on a stand-alone basis or as part of syndicated transactions
  • Mezzanine debt instruments
  • Local bond issues
  • Deposit structures
  • Guarantees
  • Standby facilities
  • Equity participations

Technical Assistance

Each of the investment funds advised by Finance in Motion has its unique development mission in its DNA. Currently, Finance in Motion is active in the following development areas:

  • MSME financing
  • Green financing