Most senior class of shares, which is subordinated to notes, usually subscribed by international financial institutions (IFIs)

Group of senior decision-makers from institutions in a fund's target region; supports the board on strategic decision-making and serves in an advisory capacity in the deliberation of critical issues

According to the AIFMD, these are fund managers that manage alternative investment funds, which are either established in the EU or that market units or shares of an alternative investment fund in the EU.

Signed off by the EU in June 2011, the AIFMD has the objective to create a comprehensive and effective regulatory and supervisory framework for AIFMs at the European level. The directive aims to provide robust and harmonized regulatory standards for all AIFM within the scope enhancing the transparency of the activities of AIFM and the funds they manage toward investors and public authorities.

A technique funds employ in coordinating the management of assets and liabilities so that a sufficient level of liquidity can be guaranteed