see "Technical Assistance Facility"

see "Technical Assistance Facility Committee"

Financing provided to promote sustainable development in emerging economies; for Finance in Motion this means making a positive impact in the target regions of each of its funds, thus enabling the regional communities and partners to prosper

Goal of development finance, which can be measured in various ways, depending on the development goal of the activity (e.g., jobs created, energy saved); ideally measured by an independent company

In Finance in Motion's public-private partnership structure, donors or donor agencies, i.e., public entities, bear first losses in the funds by signing up to the C shares of the funds. Thus, this funding provides a risk cushion to leverage additional funding from private investors.

Comprehensive assessment of the financial strength of a potential investee for each fund, its corporate governance structures and management capacities, its beneficial ownership, its experience in serving the ultimate target group, and/or its capability and interest in doing so in the future, as well as its social and environmental performance and its operating environment. Generally involves both off-site and on-site assessments to ensure that the information provided in writing is rigorously validated against the reality observed on the ground.