High-impact financial investments, constituted of the subgroups thematic and impact-first investments; mainly invest in tailored investments rather than in standardized traded securities

Funds that provide debt or equity to social enterprises, focus on areas where social or environmental needs require some financial or risk trade-off, and are located at the upper range of the impact investment universe

Financing provided to foster equal access to financial opportunities/services through housing finance, educational finance, health care finance and minority integration for groups that have limited access to financial resources.

Income in Finance in Motion's tranched public-private partnership model is first distributed to noteholders, with shareholders coming second. Shareholders receive income based on the success of the investments made by the funds; noteholders receive a fixed interest rate.

Financial institutions that have been established by more than one country and hence are subject to international law. Their owners or shareholders are generally national governments, although other international institutions and other organizations occasionally figure as shareholders as well. Many IFIs are multilateral development banks.

Makes the actual investment decisions for Finance in Motion's development finance funds; usually consists of 3-4 members