Our Contribution to the SDGs

No Poverty

We contribute to meeting the basic financing needs of small businesses and low-income households. (EFSE, SANAD, Arbaro)

Zero Hunger

We promote sustainable food production through practices that conserve biodiversity and natural resources, and help raise the income of rural populations. (EFSE, SANAD, eco.business, Arbaro)

Clean water and sanitation

We promote sustainable agricultural practices that maintain ecosystems, we improve water quality, and we support water efficiency across all sectors. (eco.business, GGF)

affordable and clean energy

We support energy savings measures and advance renewable energy. (GGF)

decent work and economic growth

We support entrepreneurship and job creation, especially through access to financial services, while assuring decent working conditions. (eco.business, Arbaro, EFSE, SANAD)

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

We contribute to energy efficiency and access to financing for small-scale industrial and other enterprises, and develop sustainable forestry and the renewable energy sector. (GGF, Arbaro, EFSE, SANAD)

Reduced inequalities

We encourage business growth and financial inclusion for marginalized populations, including women, youth, and refugees. (EFSE, SANAD)

sustainable cities and communities

We contribute to improved access to sustainable transport and waste management systems. (GGF)

responsible consumption and production

We contribute to the sustainable management of natural resources and reduced waste generation. (GGF, eco.business, Arbaro)

climate action

We mobilize funding for green projects and build capacity around sustainable energy, agriculture, and forestry.
(GGF, eco.business, Arbaro)

Life below water

We contribute to promoting sustainable practices in fisheries and aquaculture that protect marine and coastal ecosystems. (eco.business)

Life and Land

We contribute to sustainable agriculture and forestry practices that restore land and conserve biodiversity and terrestrial ecosystems. (Arbaro, eco.business)

Partnerships for the goals

We build blended finance funds that pool capital for sustainable development and bring together regulators, industries, and policy makers for systemic change. (GGF, eco.business, EFSE, SANAD, Arbaro)