Our Impact Pathway

Our impact pathway defines how we make a positive difference. Through our funds and our own innovations, we aim to achieve impact at two levels:

Impact on Markets and Systems 

We strive to create enabling ecosystems for our investees and final target groups, including small businesses, farmers, and households. We focus on alleviating specific challenges – such as a lack of access to finance for small businesses – by promoting the conditions in which businesses and individuals can thrive. This not only creates more long-term and sustainable results for our investees, it also spreads positive change to other market participants – thus scaling impact beyond the funds’ own activities. 

Impact on People and Planet 

Through our impact on markets and systems, we contribute to a positive impact on people and planet. Our core impact contributions center around goals such as addressing climate change, strengthening biodiversity conservation, and fostering the sustainable use of natural resources – for example, by investing in environmentally responsible agricultural practices or measures to increase energy efficiency. We also improve livelihoods and promote economic opportunities by, for example, expanding financial inclusion and ensuring entrepreneurs have the resources they need to generate income and employment.