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12 May 2016

Press Release - Finance in Motion Widens Impact Investing

Leading impact investing advisor Finance in Motion said today it has continued to expand its support for small and medium enterprises and has increased measures to cut energy use and CO2 emissions in developing and emerging markets. In its 2015 Impact Investment Report, the company has outlined the successes of the four funds it advises and how their financing has fostered local and rural businesses, organic agriculture, job creation, energy savings, and CO2 reduction.

Finance in Motion Managing Director Sylvia Wisniwski said: “Today we face myriad challenges that few of us could have imagined just a few years ago. Rapidly accelerating climate change and the exponential depletion of natural resources together with a massive rise in the number of refugees and internally displaced people – these and other dangers continue to threaten the way of life of billions of people. The funds we advise all work to mitigate these threats and to secure the futures of various regions around the world.”  

The 34-page report shows how Finance in Motion has met its goals for fostering small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and green finance. For example, two funds focussed on these enterprises, the European Fund for Southeast Europe and the SANAD Fund, have invested some EUR 2.2 billion in the sector since their inception for a total of nearly 800,000 loans. This funding helps bolster local economies by creating jobs, and these increases in employment provide a future for people in their home areas. In addition, the Green for Growth Fund has directly and indirectly financed projects that are cutting CO2 emissions by an annual rate of more than 330,000 metric tons. The latest report also shows how Finance in Motion has been branching out into other geographic regions and additional areas of green finance to further mitigate environmental threats around the world. For example, the company recently unveiled the Arbaro fund, which targets sustainable timber production in Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Finance in Motion also distinguishes itself as one of the few impact investing advisors to offer technical assistance with its funding, and the report provides a number of examples of how such added support has strengthened investments over the past year. This type of assistance has also ensured that all the funds were able to enhance their development impact.  

The report is available for download here. 

About Finance in Motion 
One of the world’s leading advisors for impact investment, Finance in Motion focuses exclusively on for-profit funds promoting sustainable economic, social and environmental progress in emerging economies and developing countries. With more than EUR 1.6 billion in assets under management, the company leverages development aid through public-private partnerships. In line with the goals of its funds, Finance in Motion promotes long-term relationships and helps partners develop their business. Backed by 13 local offices spread through the more than 20 countries it serves, Finance in Motion advises the following development finance vehicles: the European Fund for Southeast Europe (EFSE), which finances micro-, small and medium enterprises (MSME finance); the Green for Growth Fund, Southeast Europe (GGF), which targets reduction of energy use and CO2 emissions; the SANAD Fund for MSME in the Middle East and North Africa; and the Fund, whose goal is the preservation of biodiversity and the sustainable use of natural resources. 

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