Social impact investing

Channeling capital to improve livelihoods and foster entrepreneurship

Expanding financial inclusion for micro, small and medium enterprises in emerging markets.

Micro, small, and medium enterprises are the economy's engine in many emerging markets. The health of this sector is vital for job growth, social stability, and economic development. Yet smaller businesses, especially women, youth and rural entrepreneurs, often face difficulty accessing the financing they need to prosper.

We manage and advise social impact funds that focus specifically on expanding financial inclusion to these underserved groups. By enabling local businesses and households to invest in their future, these funds improve livelihoods and economic opportunities.


Funds managed/advised
Investing since
Outstanding loans facilitated to micro, small and medium enterprises and households
Indirect jobs supported in micro, small and medium enterprises
> 2.5 mn

Our funds in this sector

Investing in financial inclusion in Southeast Europe, Eastern Europe and the Caucasus

The European Fund for Southeast Europe (EFSE)

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Investing in financial inclusion in the Middle East and North Africa

The SANAD Fund for MSME

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Asset stories


In 2021, SANAD acquired a minority share in POSRocket, the second largest cloud-based point of sale company in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). As a shareholder, SANAD created additional value within the company by supporting POSRocket in developing its environmental and social framework as well as corporate governance. SANAD divested it’s shares to FOODICS, the leading Restaurant-Tech company in MENA.

Equivalent of USD 10 million loan facility to TBC Bank

EFSE extended a USD 10 million facility to TBC Bank in 2021. The loan was issued in Georgian lari. The exchange risk is covered by L-shares, a funding mechanism which removes exposure to FX risks for partner institutions. The Bank will on-lend to support micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and finance traditionally underserved groups such as rural businesses, as well as female and young entrepreneurs in Georgia.

EUR 10 million senior loan facility to Arab Tunisian Lease

SANAD extended a EUR 10 million senior loan facility to Arab Tunisian Lease (ATL), a Tunisia-based leasing company, in 2021. ATL will provide leasing services to small businesses, including in remote areas, supporting this underserved group in continuing their operations despite the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis.

We drive social and ecological change through our investments in funds advised by Finance in Motion. The funds’ holistic approaches to creating impact are aligned with our approach as the first sustainable bank in Germany.

GLS Bank, Germany

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