Advancing Development Through Blended Finance

Finance in Motion releases new white paper

In times of crisis and uncertainty, the need for collaboration toward a common goal becomes more apparent than ever. 

For impact investors, this takes place on a number of levels. We work together with the international development community and local partners on the ground to deliver solutions for social and environmental challenges. And when it comes to raising capital for these efforts, we at Finance in Motion combine funding from multiple forces to unleash more resources for positive impact – in other words, we tap the power of blended finance.  

But what exactly does “blended finance” mean?  

To explore this question, Finance in Motion recently published a white paper: Advancing Development Through Blended Finance. This overview of a pertinent topic in the world of impact investing provides insight into how and where the concept arose; how blended finance models work; concrete examples of how blended finance is advancing the interests of public and private investors, investees, and the Sustainable Development Goals; and much more.  

Managing Director Florian Meister reflects: “This current situation with coronavirus has us all wondering what the world will look like a year from now. Certainly it is making clear that we are absolutely interconnected: The actions of one government, community, or individual can have an impact far wider than one might imagine. The investment world is increasingly realizing this, too, and private investors are becoming more and more interested in how they can contribute to protecting people and the planet. This is where blended finance has proven very successful in opening up opportunities for private investors to join the global effort in advancing sustainable development.” 

We hope this paper provides an informative and enjoyable read in these days when many of us are in home office mode. Let us continue to push forward the development topics which are so much on our hearts. 

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