Aglomerados Cotopaxi

Conserving Ecuador's unique forests

Sustainable Forestry

Walking amongst the eucalyptus and pine trees near the Cotopaxi National Park in Ecuador, one can see Felipe Pazmiño is happy working as a manager for Aglomerados Cotopaxi – a company committed to sustainable forestry management.

Located a mere 70km from the country’s capital, Quito, Aglomerados Cotopaxi’s plantations are situated on lands with high forest aptitude, excellent soil, climate, and topography conditions. Overlooking the hectares of trees is one of Ecuador’s greatest natural symbols, the Cotopaxi volcano.

Established in 1978, Aglomerados Cotopaxi has become a leader in forestry plantations and produces and sells wooden boards. The company holds 17,655 hectares of forest, of which 30% are dedicated to conservation. “It is an honor to work at a sustainable company that is committed to its surroundings to promote good business practices,” Pazmiño says.

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