Climate Strike: Making a stand to save our planet!

The climate strike rallied support from people of all ages, nationalities and industries, numbering more than 4 million worldwide

The morning of the 20th of September was bright with a cheerful hum on the 7th floor at the head office of Finance in Motion in Frankfurt. This was because more than 40 employees were cutting, coloring and designing placards for the global climate strike after Finance in Motion’s senior management encouraged employees to join the Frankfurt climate strike. This event was just one of more than 6000 events that took place in thousands of cities cities across 185 countries.

Finance in Motion’s regional offices in Kiev, Nairobi and Luxembourg, also joined the strikes in their respective cities. 

As a company actively working on preventing climate change and mitigating its effects through the funds it advises, taking a stand in the fight against global warming lies in the DNA of Finance in Motion. So, for all our employees from more than 50 countries working in 17 regional offices, the climate strike was a way to rally around a cause which everyone believes in.

“I am proud to work for a company that not only invests in funds that make a difference in the world but encourages their employees to join events that call for decisive action on issues that affect us all; like climate change,” says Bénédicte Herbout, working with the Impact and Sustainability team. 

The climate strike rallied support from people of all ages, nationalities and industries, numbering more than 4 million worldwide, to demand that governments and businesses alike take swift and decisive action on climate justice and ensure our environment and resources are sustainably utilized.

“It is great to know that so many people around the world are making a stand against climate change. In Kenya, we definitely feel the effects of climate change with the unpredictable weather patterns which threaten our agriculture, and deforestation challenges; especially around water catchment areas. This topic affects us all and therefore it is up to all of us to do all we can to minimize our carbon footprint and raise awareness of the severity of climate change” says Christopher Kimani, working with the investment team in the Nairobi office in Kenya.

The climate strike was just one instance where the company lives up to its commitment to make the world greener. Finance in Motion has, for example, joined the “Entrepreneurs For Future” initiative which demands cross-industry measures that are faster and stronger to protect the climate.

Internally, Finance in Motion has a ‘green committee’ already operational since 2017, which is an employee-organized, volunteer working group committed to exploring new ways to further reduce the environmental footprint of the company’s operations and its employees.

“We wanted any employee to join the #climatestrike because as an impact investment firm, protecting the climate is at the heart of what we do. We just couldn’t do without joining the biggest single-day climate protest in history and calling for a sustainable future and stronger efforts to stop climate change,” says Elvira Lefting, Managing Director of Finance in Motion.

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