Finance in Motion signs “Entrepreneurs For Future” initiative

“#FridaysForFuture – an urgent call to action! Entrepreneurs want to implement more climate protection.”

The statement above is the beginning of a declaration issued by #EntrepreneursForFuture, a cross-industry initiative demanding faster, stronger measures to protect the climate. These include the introduction of effective CO2 pricing mechanisms, speeding up the energy revolution, greening agriculture, and creating a circular economy. 

Finance in Motion’s Managing Directors have signed the declaration, joining the more than 2,000 entrepreneurs from a wide variety of sectors to have done so – and momentum is gaining. Signatories are organizing meetups with likeminded entrepreneurs to determine actions to address the climate crisis, and raising awareness – especially among fellow industry representatives – of the key role businesses can play in using innovative technology, products, services, and business approaches to protect the climate.

Finance in Motion Managing Director Sylvia Wisniwski said: “As impact asset managers, our very business model is based on the conviction that responsible environmental practices are good for economic growth, job security, and business longevity. But this movement is not only about business: It is about creating a livable future for everyone. We at Finance in Motion support the #FridaysForFuture movement and agree that climate action is needed now. Entrepreneur, political decision maker, student – we are all on this planet together.”

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