Sweet dreams

Badeaa Sahi has been an entrepreneur since the very start of her career at age 19. That was when she began her own business making traditional sweets, originally with the aim of earning a better income for her family. But as Sahi met with increasing success and demand for her products grew, she realized that she had a knack for business.

Over the years, Sahi has poured time, energy, and passion into building up what is now a lively sweets factory in Tanta, Egypt. “Of course, manufacturing requires tools, which means investment,” says Sahi. Fortunately, Sandah for Microfinance specializes in providing tailored loans to small enterprises like Sahi’s. Established as a joint venture between the SANAD Fund for MSME and the Arab African International Bank, Sandah was the first internationally backed company to receive a microfinance license from the Egyptian financial regulatory authority.


“We are getting more productive all the time. May be one day I’ll even employ 100 people.”

Bandeaa Sahi, Sweets Producer
Client of Sandah, Egypt

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