The Road to Impact

Our annual Impact Investment Report is out!

Usually, the release of Finance in Motion’s annual Impact Investment Report is marked by a sense of celebration and accomplishment. This time, the feeling is more one of rolling up our sleeves: As impact investors, asset advisors, and global citizens, there is work to be done.

Since 2019 ended and the new year began, the world has been grappling with unprecedented health and economic challenges whose ramifications will be felt far into the months, possibly even years, ahead. More than ever, we must channel funding to where is needed to help people and systems regain their footing and find a path back to normality. The global community has a long road to travel. And it is in such times of crisis that the role of impact investors becomes especially significant.

But good intentions are just a start. Ensuring that investments accomplish the aims set out for them requires a clear and proven roadmap.

That is why we invite you to join us along the “Road to Impact”.

The latest Finance in Motion Impact Investment Report, “Road to Impact” provides not only a look back on our highlights of the 2019 business year. This Impact Investment Report also presents our impact pathway: our approach to ensuring that the activities of ourselves and the funds we advise make a positive contribution to sustainable entrepreneurship, access to finance, climate action, promoting renewable energies, fostering the responsible use of natural resources, and more.

The report furthermore provides a look back at “Ten Years of Impact” in a special interview with our Managing Directors. For 2019 was also the year that we completed our first decade since Finance in Motion was established, and there are milestones to celebrate:

By the end of 2019, the funds we advise had unleashed a cumulative total of nearly EUR 5 billion for sustainable development in over 30 countries. In 2019 alone, our activities had facilitated over 70,000 new loans to support small businesses and private households, and were helping prevent the emission of more than 870,000 tons of CO2 We also launched the one-thousandth technical assistance project to supplement these investment activities and deepen their impact. 

We look ahead to the next decade knowing that the challenges of yesterday did not disappear with the emergence of this new crisis. We must slow climate change as urgently as we need to rebuild financial infrastructures and support small businesses. And yet we have also seen how communities can pull together to confront a threat with collaboration and alacrity. This gives us hope that, despite the formidable tasks ahead, we can yet surmount them with drive, resources, and action.  

One decade is behind us. Another has just begun. Let’s carry forward the momentum of our journey thus far to strike a path toward long-lasting impact.


Watch the interview with Managing Directors Elvira Lefting and Florian Meister below:

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