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At Finance in Motion, we harness the power of finance to make a positive difference for investors, people and the planet. As a world-leading impact asset manager and trusted private sector partner, we invest in emerging markets to address the world’s environmental and social challenges while delivering sustainable long-term returns.

Finance in Motion is a leading impact asset manager with many years of specialist experience in impact investing. We are focused on generating positive change in emerging markets by designing and implementing impact driven investment vehicles and investment solutions that contribute to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Impact is at the heart of what we do. To date, we have successfully invested over EUR 6 billion across the globe to this purpose. We create value by complementing our investments with capacity building for our investees and local partners.

At Finance in Motion, we believe that cultural diversity sparks creativity and strengthens our performance through deep understanding, relations and networks. Our global team of more than 250 staff from over 60 countries have expertise spanning multiple disciplines and industries. Our investment teams are based in regional hubs in the countries where we invest – their insight and networks allow them to understand local requirements, engage and identify new developments in real time. Across all locations, a shared belief that we can have a lasting impact through responsible investing underscores an entrepreneurial spirit and a strong sense of commitment.

Finance in Motion is licensed to operate as an asset management company according to the German Investment Code (Kapitalanlagegesetzbuch – KAGB – the German AIFM Law) and is supervised by the German federal financial supervisory agency (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht) BaFin.


Finance in Motion engages deeply with its investors, investees and markets as we need patience to drive systemic change, collaboration to leap forward and competence and capacity to have credible impact. An obligation and an opportunity that we cherish.

Elvira Lefting

Managing Director, Finance in Motion

As a pure-play impact asset manager, we are not only providing professional asset management with credible impact but see ourselves as a disruptive force in the fund industry. We aim to change its business model: from a risk-return asset strategy to a three-dimensional approach, investing capital with purpose.

Sylvia Wisniwski

Managing Director, Finance in Motion

Having skilled and strong, motivated teams on board is key. Our many years of experience in arranging financial solutions in emerging markets have taught us to continuously focus also on our solid, integrated institutional approach to impact investing.

Christoph Freytag

Managing Director, Finance in Motion

When, if not now, is it the time to act! The climate crisis, the pandemic and Russia’s war in Ukraine threaten the world’s existence and its fundamentals: living in harmony with nature and preserving people’s health and safety. Capital must provide its part to stem the tide - it must be invested to create positive effects on livelihoods.

Sylvia Wisniwski

Managing Director, Finance in Motion

Facts and Figures


Worldwide offices

> 280

Total staff


Active investment countries


Investments facilitated


Funds managed/advised


Investee companies

191 k

Outstanding subloans to MSMEs and households

1.1 mn

Tons CO2 saved annually

1,137 k

Hectares of farmland under sustainable management

Real Experts. Real Impact.

We create positive outcomes across the impact value chain

Regional and Matter Expertise

We use our many years of learnings and insights to continuously enhance the reach and depth of our investment performance and impact management. Operating across 16 offices worldwide, our staff members are experts in impact investing providing and leveraging much needed on-the-ground market knowledge. Our impact management system has been independently verified as best in class by BlueMark according to the Operating Principles for Impact Management. The impact asset management we practice integrates compliance and ESG to the same high standards as our investment and risk management, and all are delivered by outstanding professionals.


Innovative financial solutions

Our intrinsic understanding of impact investing allows Finance in Motion to create innovative and tailormade financial solutions for the full spectrum of private and public investors. With more than a decade of experience, we can offer holistic investment solutions that not only address the environmental and social challenges prevalent in emerging markets – but investors’ specific needs and requirements.


Unparalleled in-house specialists

We drive systemic change in the financial sector and various industries by an array of outstanding leaders and teams who enable decarbonisation of bank portfolios, direct flows to sustainable and green practices, build green infrastructure, finance sustainable land use, lead on energy and resource efficiency finance at scale, and advance financial inclusion and entrepreneurship development.


Value creation beyond finance

We accelerate the required change and adaptation to more sustainable and responsible practices by closing not only funding and capital gaps but importantly knowledge, awareness and information gaps. We therefore engage systematically and deeply in capacity building with our investees, sectors and regulatory bodies.

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Proven Track Record

Finance in Motion’s impact history of over a decade speaks for itself. Our approach to impact investing creates long-term value across the entire value chain for investors, investees, people, and planet, improving the lives of the communities and protecting the environment. Despite the perceived risks of investing in emerging markets, we have successfully invested in these regions for over a decade. Our robust tranched structures allow investors to select their level of risk when investing in these regions.

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Our core competencies

Asset stories

GEL equivalent of USD 20 million loan facility to Bank of Georgia

GGF extended a USD 20 million facility to Bank of Georgia in 2021. The loan was issued in Georgian lari. Exchange risk is covered by L shares, a mechanism which removes exposure to FX risks for partner institutions, which has been funded by the EU and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. The Bank will on-lend the proceeds to corporate and small and medium clients to advance green investments in construction, manufacturing, food processing as well as hospitality sectors.


In 2021, SANAD acquired a minority share in POSRocket, the second largest cloud-based point of sale company in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). As a shareholder, SANAD created additional value within the company by supporting POSRocket in developing its environmental and social framework as well as corporate governance. SANAD divested it’s shares to FOODICS, the leading Restaurant-Tech company in MENA.

Equivalent of USD 10 million loan facility to TBC Bank

EFSE extended a USD 10 million facility to TBC Bank in 2021. The loan was issued in Georgian lari. The exchange risk is covered by L-shares, a funding mechanism which removes exposure to FX risks for partner institutions. The Bank will on-lend to support micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and finance traditionally underserved groups such as rural businesses, as well as female and young entrepreneurs in Georgia.

Forestal Apepú

Forestal Apepú is a timber production business, partially owned by Arbaro since 2019, located in the San Pedro region in Paraguay. The company acquired land previously used for agricultural purposes and now produces high quality timber for local sawn wood and plywood markets. On a quarter of the company’s land, there is natural forest which is under protection to ensure regeneration. Remaining pastureland is leased to local cattle farmers.

EUR 10 million senior loan facility to Arab Tunisian Lease

SANAD extended a EUR 10 million senior loan facility to Arab Tunisian Lease (ATL), a Tunisia-based leasing company, in 2021. ATL will provide leasing services to small businesses, including in remote areas, supporting this underserved group in continuing their operations despite the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis.

USD 20 million senior loan to Banco Davivienda

In 2020, eco.business Fund extended a USD 20 million senior loan to Banco Davivienda in Costa Rica. The investment aims to promote the use of responsible environmental practices within Costa Rica’s main productive segment, the agribusiness sector.

Forestal San Pedro

Forestal San Pedro is a timber production business, located in the San Pedro region in Paraguay, established and fully owned by Arbaro since 2021. Forestal San Pedro produces high quality timber for local sawn wood and plywood markets, mainly under silvopastoral production schemes. The company leases land from local landowners who predominantly used it for extensive cattle grazing. The net production area is expected to grow to from 5,700 ha to 7,500 ha.

North Macedonian 36MW wind farm

GGF is a minority shareholder in this wind farm project, based in the village of Bogoslovec. The wind farm is currently under construction, with completion expected in 2023. Once complete, the Bogoslovec wind farm will double North Macedonia’s existing wind energy generation capacity, playing an important part in the country’s transition to a diversified renewable energy mix. The project is expected to generate enough green electricity to supply over 20,000 households, resulting in 80,000 tons of avoided CO2 emissions annually.

EUR 8 million loan facility to microfinance institution MCC EKI

In 2020, EFSE extended an EUR 8 million loan to Microcredit Company EKI (MCC EKI), a leading microfinance institution in Bosnia and Herzegovina. MCC EKI will on-lend this facility to micro entrepreneurs to help this vital economic sector overcome crisis-related challenges and continue supporting employment and income generation to the region in the long-term.


Our values drive us

At Finance in Motion, these four corporate values reflect our DNA, give us purpose, and define the framework for our company culture.



Entrepreneurial Spirit

Diversity and Inclusion

Generating positive change project by project

Globally, our impact investment funds address climate change, strengthen biodiversity conservation, and foster the sustainable use of natural resources to improve livelihoods and promote economic opportunities. Our stories show how our funds are generating positive change.

Our impact commitments

As a committed impact asset manager, Finance in Motion is promoting impact innovations though contributing to various industry initiatives and networks: