Private equity investing

Leveraging private equity financing for positive financial and sustainability impact

An ownership mentality and specialist experience assure targeted impact is achieved sustainably.

Private equity impact financing enables investors to leverage their funds for positive social and environmental impact while achieving market-based returns. Owning significant equity in a portfolio company permits investors to strategically drive the company and create and protect value – both with respect to impact as well as financial performance – through targeted measures.  

Our private equity impact funds take minority ownership stakes in qualified, impact-driven companies and financial intermediaries. Highly experienced specialist investment teams actively manage the funds to assure they achieve targeted development outcomes, for instance job creation in micro, small and medium enterprises leading to financial inclusion, or the sustainable use of renewable natural resources.


Funds managed/advised
Investing since
CO2 stored by (agro-)forestry activities
3,600,000 tons
Direct jobs supported

Our funds in this sector

Arbaro invests in sustainable forestry in Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa

The Arbaro Fund

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Investing in financial inclusion in the Middle East and North Africa

The SANAD Fund for MSME

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Asset stories


In 2021, SANAD acquired a minority share in POSRocket, the second largest cloud-based point of sale company in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). As a shareholder, SANAD created additional value within the company by supporting POSRocket in developing its environmental and social framework as well as corporate governance. SANAD divested it’s shares to FOODICS, the leading Restaurant-Tech company in MENA.

Forestal Apepú

Forestal Apepú is a timber production business, partially owned by Arbaro since 2019, located in the San Pedro region in Paraguay. The company acquired land previously used for agricultural purposes and now produces high quality timber for local sawn wood and plywood markets. On a quarter of the company’s land, there is natural forest which is under protection to ensure regeneration. Remaining pastureland is leased to local cattle farmers.

Forestal San Pedro

Forestal San Pedro is a timber production business, located in the San Pedro region in Paraguay, established and fully owned by Arbaro since 2021. Forestal San Pedro produces high quality timber for local sawn wood and plywood markets, mainly under silvopastoral production schemes. The company leases land from local landowners who predominantly used it for extensive cattle grazing. The net production area is expected to grow to from 5,700 ha to 7,500 ha.

North Macedonian 36MW wind farm

GGF is a minority shareholder in this wind farm project, based in the village of Bogoslovec. The wind farm is currently under construction, with completion expected in 2023. Once complete, the Bogoslovec wind farm will double North Macedonia’s existing wind energy generation capacity, playing an important part in the country’s transition to a diversified renewable energy mix. The project is expected to generate enough green electricity to supply over 20,000 households, resulting in 80,000 tons of avoided CO2 emissions annually.

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