16 October 2014

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Being on the spot is not always easy

Maidan Square, Kyiv, Ukraine
Maidan Square, Kyiv, Ukraine

"It still feels strange to me when I cross the Maidan in the morning," remembers Elena Yunatska, who works in the Kyiv office of Finance in Motion. The office is only 250m away from the famous place where the protests against the former government started by end of 2013.

"At the beginning the protest were peaceful and the only thing which were different where the many policeman in the streets. You could also see many elderly women in the subway, with large pots of Borscht thoroughly held warm to support the protesters on the Maidan. But then things suddenly started to change."

Beginning of 2014 the concerned call from the Managing Directors in Frankfurt reached the Kyiv Office asking them to search for safer place to work. "We were lucky that the IT systems at Finance in Motion are set up in a way that allows us to settle down quickly anywhere where there is a stable internet connection, so we were easily able to obey to the call from the head office. While the most of us worked from home for the first couple of weeks, as the protests continued we hired a small office space a little bit outside the city center," says Elena.

“Although this has now been 1 ½ years ago, the little chapel built near Maidan as well as the bullet marks still shown on the trunks of the trees on the place, remind me of these turbulent days. And there is the fighting in Eastern Ukraine …,” she adds sadly.

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