05 February 2019

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Enabling Guatemalan youth to break the cycle of poverty

“I am a girl: studious, intelligent, responsible and very cooperative. I like to study, dance, play, sing, draw. I have dreams and goals like any human being. For me, it is important to study in order to do something special in my future, to improve myself and thank my mom because she gave me my studies,” says Gutemalan high school student Dulce María Ché upon receiving a full scholarship from the CasaSito Association.

CasaSito fimshare project

Supported by Finance in Motion’s charity organization, fimshare, CasaSito Association is a small grassroots organization whose mission is to transform the future of Guatemalan youth. Through their Youth Development Program, CasaSito works to expand opportunities for academic, professional, and personal growth, helping young people such as Dulce María to become successful change-makers within their communities and lift themselves out of poverty. In addition to partial scholarships, CasaSito provides psychological and social support to help youth cope with an environment that doesn’t support their personal development. The program also supports extracurricular activities to help them unleash their self-expression.

CasaSito came to the attention of fimshare through Silke Wahl, who is active for the Finance in Motion-advised eco.business Fund. According to the World Bank, about 59.3% of Guatemalans live below the national poverty line, with about 1.5 million people living on USD 1.90 a day. “The section of society upon which poverty weighs the heaviest are the youth, who are left with no choice but to enter the workforce at an early age to support their families,” said Silke. Knowing about the importance of a good education to escape poverty, she decided to approach fimshare, a charitable association created and run by employees of Finance in Motion, and asked them for support for the CasaSito Association’s Youth Development program.

So far, a EUR 10,000 package from fimshare has helped fund 20 scholarships at CasaSito, out of which ten recipients – like Dulce María – are now graduating from high school and university.

“Seeing these youngsters light up with confidence and become agents of change gives us additional satisfaction in our day-to-day work at Finance in Motion,” says Silke.

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