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05 November 2019

Finance in Motion signs Charter of Diversity

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Frankfurt, 05 November 2019 – Finance in Motion, one of the world’s leading impact asset managers, has become the newest signatory of Germany’s Charter of Diversity (“Charta der Vielfalt”), a voluntary framework that confirms the company’s commitment to a prejudice-free workplace.

A nonprofit association, the Charter of Diversity aims to promote the acknowledgement, appreciation, and inclusion of diversity within working culture. Signatories recognize that economic success depends on leveraging the multitude of competencies and talents inherent to a varied workforce, and pledge to uphold a workplace free of prejudice based on gender, nationality, ethnic background, religion or worldview, age, and sexual preference and identity.   

The framework formalizes the championing of diversity that has underscored Finance in Motion’s company culture since its founding. As a global asset manager channeling impact investments into 30 emerging markets, the company’s more than 200 employees hold over 50 different nationalities, working from 17 offices around the world. More than half of the company’s top management is female.

Finance in Motion Managing Director and co-founder Sylvia Wisniwski stated: “The diversity of our workforce has always been one of Finance in Motion’s great strengths. From the beginning, our business model was based on understanding the needs of stakeholders from vastly different walks of life. From tech startups in Serbia to microbusiness owners in Azerbaijan, from women entrepreneurs in Egypt to smallholder farmers in Latin America, our end investees are best served by a staff that wields deep local knowledge, cultural sensitivity, tolerance, and understanding. We extend this advantage to our workplace, where we strive to ensure that all employees – regardless of their cultural background, situation, belief, sexual identity, or age – feel that their talents can unfold and are appreciated.” 

Other signatories of the Charter of Diversity include major German corporations and public entities; over half of the nearly 3,000 signatories belong to the private sector. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is the initiative’s official patron. For more information, visit: 

About Finance in Motion 

Finance in Motion is a global impact asset manager focused exclusively on sustainable development in low and middle-income countries. The company develops and advises impact investment funds whose blended finance structures bring together public and private investors to promote economic prosperity, social development, climate change mitigation and adaptation, sustainable use of natural resources and biodiversity conservation. 

Over the course of its operations, Finance in Motion has unleashed a cumulative total of over EUR 4 billion toward these goals in Southeast Europe, the Caucasus, Latin America, the Middle East, and North Africa. In addition to investment activities, the funds also provide technical assistance to support investees, foster responsible finance, and maximize impact in the countries they serve. Finance in Motion furthermore makes selected direct investments in impactful enterprises that share the company’s values. 

Through its 17 offices that manage activities across more than 30 countries, Finance in Motion helps partners develop their businesses and demonstrate that sustainable and financial returns can go hand-in-hand.

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